About me

Hi there! I am Young-Min Cho (go by Jeffrey), a Ph.D. student in Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. As a member of Penn NLP, WWBP and CSL, I am advised by Dr. Lyle Ungar and Dr. Sharath Chandra Guntuku.

I study Large Language Model-based conversational agents, exploring how to generate good clarifying questions, control bot response length, and support multi-party conversations. I also am working on deriving social and psychological insights from language-based assessments, such as mental health chatbots and cultural differences in emotional expressions.

Previously, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Applied Statistics from Yonsei University, where I studied under Dr. Sunku Hahn and Dr. Taeyoung Park. Additionally, I obtained a Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science from the University of Pennsylvania, where I was advised by Dr. Chris Callison-Burch.

Recent Updates

[Dec 2023] Gave an oral presentation for my paper, An Integrative Survey on Mental Health Conversational Agents to Bridge Computer Science and Medical Perspectives, at EMNLP 2023! [Dec 2023] I have been selected to be an AWS-AI ASSET Fellow for 2024!
[Nov 2022] Our work, A Cross-Cultural Examination of Temporal Orientation through Everyday Language on Social Media, is accepted to PLOS ONE!